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Warrior Custom Golf: Warrior Custom Golf Customer and his Golf Club Since the 1990s, Warrior Custom Golf has been providing custom built golf clubs, golf wedges, hybrids and numerous other golf accessories. Discover how custom built golf clubs can maximize your accuracy, distance, and control; ultimately, lowering your handicap.

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Whether you are a weekend golfer, a first time beginning golfer, or a seasoned veteran, you want to enjoy your golf game as much as possible. Any golfer that spends money on golf clubs and green fees, and hours on the golf course would love to improve their golf game. Many golfers turn to expensive training aides, videos, books, and private instruction; but the fact is, if your clubs are not fitted for you and your golf game, then your improvements will be limited. There is a reason why not one golfer on tour plays golf clubs off the rack. Many golfers go out and buy their favorite golfer's style of golf clubs, but that fact is, the clubs that these golfer's on tour are playing are not the same clubs that are sold in a golf pro shop or sporting goods store. Sure the model might be the same, but the serious golfers play a custom built version of these clubs; including adjustments to shaft length, kick points, flex, lie, and every one of the clubs in their bag are frequency matched and balanced to provide greater distance, control and accuracy. Keep in mind, the clubs sold in a golf pro shop or sporting good store is mass produced with lesser quality of material while marked up at incredible rates simply because of the guys on tour who play that model of club.

Warrior Custom Golf

Warrior Custom Golf is the ideal combination of quality golf clubs and affordability. To have a bag exactly like your favorite golfer, you could easily spend over $5000, but Warrior Custom Golf can offer you comparable clubs at a fraction of the price. Every Warrior Golf Club uses the highest quality, tour caliber material and is built to the exact specifications of the golfer. Warrior Custom Golf clubs are also frequency matched and balanced just like the pros use.

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Win a free Warrior Foosball Table Here http://www.warriortablesoccer.com/sweepstakes/ Follow On Instagram & Twitter @WARRIORFOOSBALL

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Win a free Warrior Foosball Table Here http://www.warriortablesoccer.com/sweepstakes/ Follow On Instagram & Twitter @WARRIORFOOSBALLView this post on Facebook

Warrior Custom Golf shared Wolf Creek Golf Club's photo.

Check out this GREAT Warrior course in the heart of Atlanta GA! Like their page for news, specials & discounts!

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We love our Warrior Customers! Here is why: Sirs; I have been unable to play for the last few weeks due to a knee injury, but wanted to take the time to tell you that now I have tried these clubs, I am extremely satisfied. Also, my husband (Thomas Barber) had gotten the set of woods with free driver, he did not care for them, but I am using them and really get extra distance and accuracy with them. The driver is extremely light weight and feels comfortable in the grip, I have added about twenty yards to each drive, and the 3 wood is now my club of choice on the fairway. Thank you again for the opportunity to try these unique clubs. Sincerely, Marjorie A Barber Norman OK 73071 >>my husband also wanted me to add that the hybrid 3 club he received is excellent and one of his favorite.

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Congratulations Bubba Watson on winning the 2014 Masters!

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For all of our followers in the Atlanta, GA area. LIKE their page for news, specials and discounts! A NEW Warrior Course! https://www.facebook.com/WolfCreekGolfClub

Since 2001 Wolf Creek has earned a reputation as one of the toughest golf tracks in the Atlanta Metro area.

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Irvine, CA (Warrior Custom Golf) Mon, 08 Apr 2013 06:20:41 GMT — The Sports Xchange’s 2013 PGA Tour rankings, selected by TSX Golf Staff, based on 2012-2013 performance. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/golf-rankings-player-capsules-062041873–golf.html;_ylt=AwrjgkSxE2NRb3QAAQD_wgt.

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